Social Connect Cards Bundle

Google Review Card + Instagram Follow Card + Whatsapp Connect Card

Elevate your networking game with our Social Connect Cards Bundle. This exclusive bundle combines three powerful tools designed to boost your online presence and streamline your connections: the Google Review Card, the Instagram Follow Card, and the WhatsApp Connect Card.

Unlock the full potential of your networking efforts with the Social Connect Cards Bundle from Snap Tap Cards. Order now and take your networking game to the next level.


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The Snap Tap Advantage

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- Incorporate your product catalog or company profile document, allowing easy download for people to learn more about you or your business.
- Experience unparalleled customization and design options for your digital profile, offering you exceptional flexibility.
- No need to install or download any app.
- Choose a business profile template that suits your profile from our list of appealing designs and our designer shall design your digital profile for you at no extra cost which you can later edit and modify whenever needed.
- Zero subscription charges; No monthly or annual payments.
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